Episode V: New Era

During the seven years of the club's existence, lots of tobacco have been t asted, hundreds of pipes have been smoked, many championships have been visited in different parts of Ukraine, established links with foreign clubs. Many people came to our club, and even more passed by, leaving for itself only your spirit, like the old tobacco in a pipe. The composition of our club is specific, but together we create a unique blend: friendly, extraordinary, just and loyal pipes people. This year, Royal Pub closed - the first meeting, which witnessed the creation of the first pages of our club. At the moment, the Vinnytsia club continues its long-standing tradition the next day, elsewhere we continue to write our story. We are waiting for each of you on Thursday at 18:00 to smoke a pipe in a friendly atmosphere. The meeting place of happy lovers of pipes and good tobacco can be found using the map on the main page. Best wishes from Vinnytsia.


Episode I: the beginning

For a long time in a 2011 far, far in the city of Vinnitsa the young, who had not yet tastied the Latakia and without a mustache ,pipe smoker Valeriy search for his fellows. On the boundless spaces of the Internet, Vadim, who was not just a experienced, but also a catalyst in creating the atmosphere of meetings and tastings of a wide variety of tobacco, met him. The first meeting of the club took place on August 1, 2011 at the Royal pub, sat at a table around the corner Valeriy, Vadim and Dmitry lit their first pipes as members of the Vinnytsia pipe club. With each meeting, new followers entered the club, they tasted new tobacco and traditionally drank whiskey. In 2012, "our man" Valery visited his first championship in Odessa.

Episode II: The last pipe smoker

In 2012, the dark times have come for the Vinnitsa Club. A new law on the prohibition of smoking in saloon has been issued. There was a time when only one person remained in the club. 

Episode IV: Podillya Cup

In 2015, the Vinnytsia pipe club was accepted into the Ukrainian association of pipe clubs. In 2016, the fourth "Championship of Cities" competition, it was decided to reorganize into the Podillya Cup. It was unprecedented to hold the Championship on slow-smoking pipes on the corn cob from the well-known Missouri Meerschaum company. Since then, the Vinnytsia pipe club every autumn is organizing a competition for corn cob in a country club "Butterfly". In 2017 the club's statute was adopted. For the first time in the history of the club its composition was replenished by two girls, one of whom set a new club record. In the same year Valery Gunas was officially elected an ataman. At the end of 2017, Valery, according to his wishes, delegated authoritynew president Serhii Nabalanovsky.


Episode III: Return of pipe smoker

In 2013, Oleksiy Plashkov joined the club, who later became a pipe master and keeper of the club's gold reserves. Subsequently, the first championship on slow-smoking pipes in Vinnytsia took place "Championship of Ukrainian cities". The feature of this championship was the use of their own pipes during the competition.