What is the Podillia Cup?

Podillya Cup is not just a championship of slow-smoking . Podillia Cup is a place for a friendly meeting of pipe smokers from different parts of the world. We are always glad to see each of you. By right, the territory of the competition can be called "Small Switzerland", because we now have no policy. 


History of the Podillya Cup

In 2013, the first championship in slow-smoking pipes in Vinnitsa, "Championship of Ukrainian cities" took place.

In 2016, the fourth "Championship of Cities" competition, it was decided to reorganize into the Podillia Cup. For the first time in Ukraine, the  Smoking Championship was held on corn pipes from Missouri Meerschaum. Since then, the Vinnytsia club everywhere arranges competitions by choosing the corn pipe of Missouri Meerschaum.


What is waiting for you?

Unforgettable impressions, pleasant acquaintances, friendly atmosphere, honest competitions, as well as valuable prizes. Championship will take place in the Butterfly Country Resting Complex. The complex is located outside the city from city noise and bustle (see the location at the bottom of the page). The territory of the institution is greened, and also equipped with a children's playground, a lot of cozy areas for comfortable rest and friendly conversation and solitude. For an additional fee, you can order the following services: a sauna, wake-up bording on the lake and other leisure activities. In five minutes from the venue is a comfortable hotel. Within a walking distance from the venue there is a swimming pool with sun loungers and a lake. Continuing the traditions of past years, we offer you to take part in the swims and compete for the prize, which will receive the fastest swimmer. Traditionally, an exhibition of tobacco and pipe masters will be held before the competition. After the announcement of the results and the awarding of prizes to the winners of the championship, a traditional gala dinner is waiting for you. Dance floor and musical support at your service. There are no time limitations for the festivities and will not be there.